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I'm going to make this short and post more details later.

I played two super sats to the Main Event and didn't win a seat in either. I ran KK into AA in the first one and was out shortly after that.

I played the 2nd one yesterday and flopped a set vs an overpair early, only to have the overpair catch runner runner flush. I then nursed a short stack for what seemed like forever. There were 230 +/- entries and 22 seats awarded. I managed to bust in freaking 36th place. Way too close.

I played a little 5/10nl after that and finished up $1,300 - more details to follow.

Today is basically my last chance to get into the WSOP. I'm playing the $1k Super Sat at 1 pm. If I don't win my seat, I'll probably play cash the rest of the trip.

Trip to date
Satellites - ($2,120)
Cash Games - +$1,300

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  1. Gl in the sat's man....