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I got back last night. I was definitely ready to be back home after a long trip. I had a great time in LV despite not qualifying for the main event. I'll post some of the stories and people that I met over the next few days.

Final Talley

Satellites = (-$4,300)
Tourneys = (-$880)
Cash Games = +$6,100

Total Profit = +800

I guess I should just stick to cash games....more (lots of details) to follow over next few days.

4 responses to "Back from Vegas - Tourneys Suck"

  1. At least you came out ahead!

    Matt Silverthorn

  2. nice job at the cash tables man...


  3. i think you finished the trip very good considering you spent so much on sats. sorry we couldn't get out to Vegas earlier to donk it up with ya.


  4. +6100!? Holy cow...

    Alan aka RecessRampage