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I didn't get into the Main Event. :(

I had horrible luck in one of the Satellites that I played.

1st Level. 25/50 blinds.
Starting Chips - 5k
I'm dealt QQ and raise to 150 utg.
Button re-raises to 400.
SB smooth calls.

Flop QJ5 rainbow.
SB checks.
I check.
Button makes it 1,200
SB makes it 3,000
I call.
Button goes all in.
SB goes all in.

Um....I call with the nuts

SB has AA (overpair)
Button has 55 (bottom set)
I have QQ (top set)

Turn is a 10, River is a K - For runner runner straight for SB's AA.

I win that pot and I have 16k chips in the 1st level. Oh well.

I'm doing pretty good in the cash games, but horrible in the sats - maybe I should have just stuck to cash games the whole time.

Trip to date
Satellites = (-$4,300)
Cash Games = +$3,100

3 responses to "WSOP Trip - Update 2"

  1. at least your killing the cash games. some terrible cash game players on the strip.


  2. cash games always make me feel better about myself...stupid tournies


  3. Tournaments blow but sats are even worse!!!!!!!!!!!