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What to do? What to do?

After getting back from the Bahamas in January, everything (poker wise) this year seemed to build to up to the WSOP. I was really focusing on winning my way into the WSOP Main Event. I planned the trip - hotel, airfare, etc. The only thing missing was a seat to the WSOP. I was a little bummed with not winning my seat online or live. I had almost taken it for granted that I would win my seat. I think that I was jaded by winning two seats last year and winning a seat to the Pokerstars PCA in the last chance sattelite. I thought I would win my way into the WSOP Main Event and wasn't sweating much as the date got closer and closer. I had forgotten how hard of a task winning a seat is.

The trip wasn't all bad though. It made me realize where my bread and butter is - cash games. At times tourneys feel like a complete waste of time. Sure there is the occasional large score and I've been on the good end of some very nice scores in the past. The times in between can be frustrating.

I am guessing that I would have had an extremely profitable trip to LV if I had just stuck with the cash games. I made $6,100 in the cash games in less than 30 hrs of cash games play over 8 days. In contrast, I lost $5,100 between Super Sats and Tourneys in probably about 25-30 hrs of play. Instead of a nice profit on the trip I managed to squeak out a small profit (before hotel, food, airfare, etc) on the trip.

So, what to do now? Where should I focus my playing time? I think the answer is easy - cash games. I really enjoy playing tourneys (most of the time) and will continue to play them, but will devote a lot more of my playing time to cash games.

I am going to come up with a new cash game challenge to motivate myself and will start August 1st. In the meantime, I will probably mess around with a few tourneys here and there to get it out of my system.

2 responses to "Direction and Motivation"

  1. Cash games blow from a glory perspective but at least they aren't so fawking frustrating.


  2. Oh my motivation........

    my thoughts exactly. I just wrote about that issue. goals are the only way to go!

    GL Mitch I know you'll blow them away.