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My 4 year old daughter goes to a Catholic Preschool. I don't ever discuss poker with anyone at the church and or the school. I have always had the attitude of "Don't ask, Don't Tell" is best when it comes to poker in a religious setting. After all for some, "Gambling is Evil!" and poker is often associated with pure gambling.

The Catholic Church subscribes to everything in moderation, so I suppose poker/gambling wouldn't necessarily always been veiwed as wrong as long as it didn't effect yourself or your family in a negative way. It is kind of along the same lines as drinking. They always have a beer garden set up at the fall festival.

Imagine my surprise when we looked in our daughter's backpack and it had information about Casino night. I knew they were having a Casino night. My wife had even signed me up to work the event. (We have to volunteer for a couple of events each year while our daughter goes to school there.) What surprised me was that they are having a NLHE tourney with 1st place getting a trip to Vegas and entry into a WSOP Super Sat. I think my wife is going to work the event and I am going to play the tourney.

The whole idea got me thinking about things that will happen at this event. (Hopefully, no one will be offended. It is all in fun.)

What kind of chips will be used? Communion wafers?

Do I get in serious trouble if I check raise the preist?

Do I have to go to confession after running a huge bluff?

I have to be very careful not to yell, "JEEEEZUS!!" after I get sucked out on.

Will I win my races if I pray harder?

If I win the tourney and win the Super Sat and go onto win the WSOP, will the Catholic Church use my likeness in a new promotional campaign to get all the young guys to go to church? Will this lead to a lot more praying at the poker table?

Feel free to add anything that you think might happen at the tourney that I may have missed.


5 responses to "Religion and Poker"

  1. That was a fun post.


  2. If you do yell Jesus, could you simply say that you were regaling Chris Ferguson for his advice?

    If you push all-in and are called by a superior hand, can you accept Jesus into your life and be forgiven for your all-in, thereby getting your chips back?

    Can Jews attend? If so, can we bring a Rabbi to make sure everything at the table is kosher?


  3. I think everything will be cool as long as you don't call the Pope a jopke.


  4. Don't forget to go to Confession after rivering someone's Aces.


  5. Nuns Playing Poker... a sight to be seen.

    I like the idea of check-raising the priest actually. Would be funny to see his reaction :)