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I played a live $100 tourney on Friday night. There were 13 players and the guy running the game allows one rebuy/player during the first 3 rounds. There were six rebuys bringing the total buy-ins to $1,900. The tourney paid the top 3 spots with the house taking a 12.5% rake. The payouts were as follows:

1st place (50%) - $950
2nd place (25%) - $475
3rd place (12.%) - $237.50
House rake - $237.50

When we got down to 5 players the blinds were pretty high and I offered a deal for a save for 4th and 5th. It was take $200 off first and give 4th and 5th $100 each with 1st still getting $750. One guy refused and we played on. That guy was eliminated a couple of hands later and the rest of us agreed to a save for 4th place of $200. (The interesting thing about the final 4 players was none of us had rebought.) So the adjusted payouts were as follows:

1st place - $750
2nd place - $475
3rd place - $237.50
4th place - $200

After the fourth place guy busted out, one guy had all the chips and the blinds were ridiculous. The chip leader wanted $700 and for us to split the rest. I told him that deal was incredibly lopsided in his favor. After some back and forth, I offered $400 for each of the short stacks and the remaining for him ($663). After about 10 minutes, he offered to take $675 leaving me and the other guy $393/each. I agreed because I was planning on heading to another game that night, the blinds were crazy and I had no chips.

I'm not sure if I made a bad deal, but I could have easily finished 3rd for $237.


I played one WSOP Step 3 on Party from the freeroll that I had and finished 5th or 6th moving me back to Step 3. I am convinced that I will be trapped in this Step SNGs forever.

$50K Challenge

Things have been kind of stagnant lately in the $50K Challenge. I have been playing 4 tables at a time and have loaded all the hands in pokertracker. I usually take all the pokertracker sessions and input them in an Excel Spreadsheet. I have about 2 weeks worth of hands that I need to put into Excel right now. The number of sessions is going to take me forever to input because every session is 4 tables and I usually start and stop a couple of times a night - so there are at least 8 sessions per day times 2+ weeks (over 100 sessions to input in Excel.)

I was up for the week but took some brutal beats last night. Below is where I currently stand.

$50K Challenge Status - $12,832

I probably won't be able to play much this week since my Mom is coming in town. I plan to try to analyze my stats and re-focus my efforts hard starting April 1st.


2 responses to "Chop here or not?"

  1. I think that's a good deal for you and the other guy as #1 sacrificed all the money on both occasions.


  2. I think the guy who got knocked out in 5th is a genius.

    No, actually, I like your decision...