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I have been playing exclusively full ring cash games for a couple of months now instead of 6 max for numerous reasons. I'll probably go into some of the secondary reasons in future posts, but I can sum up one of the main reasons in one question:

Why would you play 6 max NLHE online when almost every online training site focuses predominately on 6 max NLHE? They are training hoards and hoards or people how to play and how to play against the ideas/concepts/etc that they are teaching. I know that there are still fish to be found in 6 max NLHE, but it seems like more casual players or players that predominately play tourneys would sit down at the full ring tables because that is what they are used to playing (whether in live games, tourneys, or sngs).

Just something to think about......oh yeah, and if you are a good 6 max player, please stay at the 6 max tables.

4 responses to "Why Full Ring vs. 6 Max?"

  1. no brainer Mitch.


  2. I agree. Also, I really like to play live and keep the strategy consistent with my online play. There is no 6 max spread at any of the places I have played.


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  4. Interesting thought. I switched just to lower variance; but you make a good point here.