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Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Orlando is now up 3-1 despite the refs trying to give the game to Lebron...err Cleveland. (Just ask Charles Barkley) The town is going nuts!!!

BTW, Charles Barkley is a genius. He predicted that Orlando would beat Cleveland. Hopefully, the Magic will make him look like Kreskin.

ESPN article on the game
- breaking down the fouls/controversial travel call.

My question is why wouldn't this be a foul on Lebron instead of a good "no-call" for not calling a foul on Dwight Howard.

"n the closing seconds of overtime, I think everyone was sure Dwight Howard would be called after he bit on a LeBron James fake, and made contact while James released the shot. It looked like a play we have all seen called a foul a zillion times. But replays revealed that at the time of contact, Howard was upright on the ground, and James jumped into him."

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  1. I didn't read the article; but I remember saying to myself last night that the officiating was pretty good.

    I'm neither a fan of Cleveland nor Orlando; although I really like Lebron and Howard (which is why I was watching in the first place).

    Travelling. I agreed. just like I agreed the previous game where Lebron travelled.

    Good no call on Howard.

    One bad call was the white guy for Cleveland with the fro when he got called for his 6th foul.

    I like that that let the call go at the end of the game as Howard really initiatied the contact by pulling that one guys arm.

    Truthfully, I'm rooting for Cleveland; but won't be upset if Orlando wins.

    Good luck to your Magic. If they win, I hope they play Denver.