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It looks like FTP listened to all the cash game players that were unhappy about the deep stack tables being moved below and away from the 100BB tables. There was an update today and the deep tables are now mixed back in with the 100BB tables. They are still sortable, so if you don't like the deep tables or like only the deep tables you can sort by your preference. FTP gets a lot of flack for slow responses, but this one was pretty quick considering it took a software update. Kudos to FTP!!


I changed my dates slightly. I forgot that June 14th is Father's Day, so I won't being leaving until the next day - Monday, June 15th.

5 responses to "FTP responds quickly!!"

  1. Say what you want about Poker Stars; but in my book, Full Tilt Poker is the best place to play poker (cash games).


  2. The implementation of this move is pretty awful because now, the capped games are mixed in with the 100BB buyin and deepstacked games. It makes it harder to table select because I have to sift through the capped games that I have zero interest in playing.
    This is just my impression, but it seems like the capped games are stealing players from the other tables.


  3. Gnome - that def sucks. Hopefully they'll get it fixed quickly.


  4. Father's Day is June 21st.


  5. "Father's Day is June 21st."

    Yeah. I was clueless. My trip is now June 14-20 :)