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EDIT: Al updated his blog it ends May 31st instead of May 24th. (I actually have 6 more shots.) The ones listed below plus another Riverchasers, Skillz, Mookie and the Blogger Big Game if it gets moved to May 31st.

To say that I am disappointed in my BBT4 performance would be an understatement. I think I had one 2nd, two 3rds, one or two more final tables, and two-three final table bubbles. These things are all about winning entry into the TOC for a shot at 2 WSOPME packages and 2 WSOP $2k packages. 2nd place might as well be last place, but it still stings to get close and come up short.

There are four events left, but I will only be able to play two. I don't play during the day on Sundays and Sunday night I will be at Game 3 of the Orlando/Lebron Series. So the LHE skillz game tonight and the Mookie tomorrow night are my last two shots.

I'm going to go into both tourneys like I have gone into every BBT4 event - play for first because the other spots are meaningless. Maybe I will at least get to have some fun abusing the guys that are in the running for the overall points crown. Good Luck to the rest of you that haven't won seats yet!!!!

3 responses to "BBT4 - Only 6 more shots for me"

  1. Good luck, you deserve to be in it. I've been playing like a total tard since I won my seat, so target me for chips.....


  2. Abuse TJ, Heff, Shabazz, or Jordan plz. kthx

    1Queens Up1

  3. i feel your pain. i used to play terribly in these. now i'm playing better and running like ass.

    i think you can do it, glgl.