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I think I butchered how I played this hand the other night. How would you play it?

Button had a 3 bet % of 6.1% and a c-bet of 89% over 2,700 hands
Villain Stats - 19/13/3.6 (winning player)

Several questions.

1. Is flat calling the 3b here a huge leak this deep giving the 3b% of 6.1%?
2. Thoughts on flop flat call?
3. What would you do on the turn?
4. What is your plan for the river if you wiff?
5. What is your plan for the river if you just hit an ace?
6. What is your plan for the river if you make nut flush or the straight?

Full Tilt Poker $1/$2 No Limit Hold'em - 9 players
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UTG+1: $100.00
Hero (UTG+2): $455.10
MP1: $308.35
MP2: $196.00
CO: $203.00
BTN: $365.00
SB: $96.00
BB: $608.60
UTG: $366.65

Pre Flop: ($3.00) Hero is UTG+2 with QQ of hearts AA of hearts - AhQh

2 folds
Hero raises to $7
5 folds
BB raises to $24
Hero calls $17

Flop: ($49.00) 44 of hearts 88 of hearts 99 of diamonds (2 players) - 4h8h9d

BB bets $30
Hero calls $30

Turn: ($109.00) JJ of spades (2 players) - Js

BB bets $106
Hero ?????

Looking forward to how others would have played this

13 responses to "How would you play it? AQs"

  1. Folding preflop seems nitty. AQs is a premium hand. If anything, stacks being this deep argues for a call to see a flop with positional advantage.

    I like the flop call. Effective stacks are deep and you have nine clean outs to the nuts.

    On the turn, unimproved but now with an inside straight draw, given villain's stats (and your likely conclusion that he is ahead) I think this is a fold, but it is a close decision. If you think you can muscle him off all one-pair hands you can try a semi-bluff.

    If I call down another street and miss with ace-high at the end, I'd fold to another bet and probably give up if checked to.

    If I hit top pair at the end, I would bet for value (thin I know but I hate missing value bets) if checked to and I'd likely make a crying call if villain bets again.

    If I make flush or straight on the end I probably bet 1/2 to 2/3rds pot (or shove if opponent bet into me).



  2. Despite what PL says, AQ is the hand of the devil. It should never be played.

    But if you do play it...

    I'm not sure I like the flop call. You learn nothing by it. The button reraise could just be checking you out and you delivered the information he is looking for. You are ace high, maybe TT or JJ. The flop check/call confirms this.

    I'd raise you on the river with any card that isn't an ace or a heart knowing you will probably fold.


  3. Kinda gross spot - you cant raise really without shoving and shoving sucks with one to come. Call and pray?


  4. I have watched Durr play and I think your supposed to slam it all in on the flop!!!! Check raise his ass. He can only call you with like AA/KK and you have outs. He folds AK type hands (I would hope). If you do the same with flopped sets then you can get paid off when you have a hand too.


  5. I'm horrible btw.....

    1. Honestly, the 3b% scares me with AQ here. I have been folding AQs or AQo more in these situations preflop when up against a reasonable player.....that being said.....

    2. no problem calling here.

    3. ugh. I'd probably call but I gotta be pretty certain I can get 100$ outta him on the river if I hit.

    RIVER: with him to act first, it's hard to gauge what you would do. He could check, he could bet, he could jam.

    4. Most likely with the river, after his action, he's betting again and you'll have to fold. I don't think I'd bluff at this on the river either if he checks.

    5. If he checks, you bet half the pot. If he bets less than the pot, consider the call. If he jams or pots it, I'd seriously consider a fold.

    6. Any bet from him should be followed by a jam. Any check, I'd throw out half pot bet. If I'm him, I'm looking at your turn call and thinking immediately "draw" since there's no way you go 2streets of slowplay with a big hand that's a lot more vulnerable on the turn.


  6. I like the call preflop since you will be in position. I would have preferred a raise on the flop to both see what villain would do and to continue to indicate your desire to win this pot. I truly think you made this a LOT more difficult by being so deep. Imagine how different you might play this hand with only 100-150BB.
    It is a tough spot but a fold here with approx. 13 outs to the nuts(and you might also win with an A on the river) seems nitty to me. I would have to call and see the river. What happened?


  7. You're in position and 250 bbs deep, I don't think you can fold AQs preflop. There's not much point in raising either IMHO.

    On the frop, I'd raise it up and be happy getting it in. Most players aren't 3-betting EP raisers HU with 99-44. But he also has the best hand right now pretty much every time. He has either AK or an overpair. Maybe once in a while he shows up with KJ or something that you beat, but you don't exactly want to call down 3 barrels from him anyway. And you have plenty of equity vs. his range that beats you, usually with 12 outs, sometimes even 15 if he gets really feisty and decides to get it in with JJ.

    Also he'll sometimes just call your raise on the frop, which is more money that you can win when you bomb the river and he finally decides to give up his overpair. It's harder to rep a set on the turn if you don't raise the river.

    Finally, if you call the frop and the heart comes in, it's hard to get that much value since it's such an obvious draw.

    Having called the frop, you gotta shove this turn. You can maybe represent a slowplayed flopped set, and you can definitely represent if I am him and I see your actions pre and post-flop, QQ-TT are the hands I think you're most likely to have. It's true that you might have JT or TT and be semi-bluffing, but there's enough to rep there that I think you get a fold sometimes. And that sometimes doesn't have to be too often to make shoving better than folding, given how much equity you have when called. If he has JJ, oh well, you still have plenty of equity.

    I don't like calling either. If he has an overpair, an A, T, or heart will be scary enough that he check/folds a significant % of the time. And there aren't really many other cards that you can profitably bluff. Maybe a J.



  8. i couldn't make it past the dc hand converter ;(


  9. i would definitely raise the flop. the stacks are so deep that even with kings or aces he's probably not going to 3-bet you. he'll just call since he's not beating much of your value raising. that way if you miss on the turn, you can see a free river.

    as played, turn is very close, it depends on whether or not you think this player will fold an overpair to a shove. if he will then definitely shove, if not then call because a guy who cant fold an overpair over 200 BBs deep is unlikely to fold it when the flush hits.


  10. 1. PF call is maybe a small leak, but being deep, having suited cards, being in position make it closer to OK.
    2. I prefer a raise on the flop for FE vs hands like AK/AQ/TT/JJ.
    3. Given action and scaryish board, a raise is OK, but probably commits you. Fold maybe also OK, since heart draw becomes transparent after 2 streets of calling, and PSB indicates opponent is ahead right now.
    4. Surrender
    5. Fold to big bet. If checked to, value bet with plan to fold to shove-raise.
    6. Shoving (around pot-size, or less if villain leads) on non-pair, calling if it pairs board.


  11. I'm late to the party...

    I don't know how you didn't raise that flop? Granted, there aren't too many hands that you beat at that point since you raised EP and the BB 3 bet. So maybe your thought was that you don't have much FE? I'm still surprised you just called the flop.

    Having done that, I would jam the turn. I mean the call on the flop and jam the turn would be a likely way to play your set too so maybe there's some FE?

    The tricky part about raising flop is if the guy then 3 bets you're going to have to get it in and you're obv behind at that point. But at the very least, you'll have 9 outs, possibly 15 with 2 cards to come so it's not terrible... just high variance for a lot of chips.

    Disclosure: I didn't bother reading other comments so sorry if this was already mentioned.

    Alan aka RecessRampage

  12. Hi Cmitch....I'm just an occasional cash player, so that's my disclaimer.

    I like to use stats as well in tournaments. Given the #'s your posting about this guy, I'd be curious as to how often you have played against him, and how he perceives you? In Deep stack play, good players are always looking at opportunities to stack players.

    In this case, I'd think the preflop action is fine, although I'd be looking to hit hard, as I'm pretty sure were behind.

    The flop is pretty good for you, I think certainly a raise was in order.

    His lead into you on the Turn, reminds me of an article i read on DoubleAs blog a while back about pressure points. I think the best play here is to jam. Put the pressure back on him. To him, he's got to consider you on a set, and even if he calls, you have clean outs to get there. But at least you put the decision on him, and transfer the pressure point.


    Fred aka TwoBlackAces

  13. WTF people its ONE FUCKING TWO!! RAISE TO $120 on flop. Get him to stick it all in, or fold. Decision making in $1/$2 is overrated. Make him make the fucking decision, no matter what you aren't drawing dead....

    Chad C