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I just got back from a golf scramble for a local organization. It is an annual event. Three years ago they decided to break from the normal routine of giving away a ton a golf balls, bags, clubs, etc and opted for a raffle with bigger prizes - $250, $500, $1k gift certificates, TVs, etc.

A very good friend of mine was lucky enough to win a 42" Plasma TV two years ago. He followed that up last year by winning a $250 Best Buy Gift Card.

This year's prizes were:

4 - $100 Gift Cards to various locations
1 - $250 Gift Card to Best Buy
1 - $500 Gift Card to Best Buy
1 - $1k Gift Card to Bass Pro Shops Gift Card
1 - 47" LCD TV (forget which brand - nice one though)

Drum Roll..............

Well, Rob managed to win the TV. That makes 2 TVs and 1 Gift Card he has won in 3 drawings. Talk about luck.

I was excited about winning the $250 Best Buy Gift Card in the drawing today, but it is nothing compared to Rob's win.

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  1. skill is overrated.