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It seems like I always decide to play tourneys when I am not in the right mind set to totally concentrate on poker. Multi-tabling cash games requires a lot more focus than the early levels of mtts. It is so easy to not pay attention everything going on at the table when playing several mtts. This is definitely the wrong way to approach the game, but it seems to be the pattern that I have fallen into.

Tired and still feel like playing poker?
Want to watch TV while playing?
Want to surf the internet or catch up on the High Stakes Poker Youtube vids while playing?
No problem just fire up several small-mid stakes mtts and go on auto pilot. This seems to be when I play mtts - obviously not the ideal situations.

I am going to try to concentrate more when playing in the future. I have done a good job over the last few months of knowing when I shouldn't be playing cash games. I need to apply the same standards to tourneys. I'm going to try to change this pattern or maybe ease into changing it. If I don't have the right poker mind set but still feel like playing, I may still fire up a few mtts but limit myself to X$ of buy-ins or only play 1 or 2 tables.

Last night was one of those tired nights and I played 5 mtts. I meant to sign up for the MATH, but somehow it was 10 PM before I knew it and I missed the registration.

Tourneys played

FTP - $30+$3 rebuy (out 167 of 241) - lost with AA vs KK medium stack vs medium stack aipf shortly after the rebuy period was over. (Loss $213)

FTP - Daily Double A&B - $10+$2; $10+$2 (A - out 254 of 1,204; B- out 487 of 1,113) - A out when shoved lated with 55 - called by 99. B out in Button(me) vs SB - all in on a Q high flop with KQ vs. SB's AQ (Loss $24)

FTP - $50+$5 ($50k guarantee) - (out 360 of 1,004) - AA from last position aipf - BB called with AJ - flop had a J; river was a J. (Loss $55)

Pokerstars - $20+$2 rebuy (out 26 of 385) - Hung on to a short stack late with chip leader on my right and 2nd chip leader 2 to my left. (Won $230 - $62 = net win of $168)

Total for the night (Loss of $124)

I'm guessing I could have done better if I focused instead of watching TV while playing or played less tables.

I've been a slacker when it comes to playing cash games and have had trouble sticking with playing only $1/$2. I am still working on getting in the 25k hands of $1/$2 - currently at 13.5k hands. I'm only around 4.5 ptbb/100 and am hoping to improve that to at least 5 ptbb/100. During the same time, I have put in about 3k hands of 2/4 at a weak 1.3 ptbb/100.

I'm going to try to complete the 25k $1/$2 hands between now and the end of the year, but will probably play a few mtts over the next two days to get in the right mindset for the Battle of the Bloggers TOC Aussie Package Freeroll.

GL at the tables.

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