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Even since Neteller shut it's doors, my main method for transferring money out of online poker accounts is epassporte. I have their Visa ATM card and can withdraw money at an ATM as soon as it hits my account or a transfer will usually hit my checking account in 2-3 business days after the withdrawal.

Epassporte does not accept payments to/from Bodog because they offer sports betting and epassporte will only deal with transactions from poker only sites. So, when I decided to cash out some $$ from Bodog, I wasn't sure the best/quickest way to get the money. It looked like my best option was to request a check.

The request a check form says to "allow 15 to 20 business days" to receive your check. It seemed a little long, but I wasn't too worried about it.

Well, yesterday I received my check in the mail - 4 business days after requesting it. I thought that was extremely quick, especially since it came via regular mail. I had read on some of the forums that people have had trouble/questions when trying to cash these checks. My check was from a US based finance company and looks like any of the thousands of checks that a teller would see on a daily basis. No problem cashing it.

I was pleasantly surprised with the cashout process.

7 responses to "Bodog Cashout - Trip Report"

  1. I cashed out the same way and received my funds within a week. Although when depositing the check my bank placed a hold on it due to insufficient funds. I'm hoping this is just an innocent mistake. I'm waiting till the hold is removed.


  2. That's how I cash out of Full Tilt as well (as opposed to dealing with fees and whatnot with ePassporte), and I think the longest I've ever had to wait for a check was 8 business days. I swear, I always hear horror stories about requesting checks from poker sites, but I've never had anything but positive results.

    Mike Maloney

  3. HAHA LOL, I was expecting a Cash out story AND a trip report from something, not an actual trip report about cashing out haha :)

    You got me good.


  4. Have also been pleasantly surprised by quick turnarounds getting checks from Bodog. Let's hope it continues.

    Short-Stacked Shamus

  5. my last two Bodog checks arrived in 4 business days. yay Bodog!


  6. I tried to cash out of Bodog as a test and received an email stating they needed a form to verify my credit card info before they would do anything.


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