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My wife and I went car shopping last night. That is soooo much fun.

We have decided to get a 6 Passenger Chrysler Pacifica for her. It isn't a mini-van - really, it isn't. We aren't caving in and getting a mini-van. (Yes, we are going to keep kidding ourselves.)

We went to the dealership with the intention of getting a good deal on a 2006 model that we saw on their website. ($4,000 rebates on the 2006 vs. $1,500 on the 2007) Of course, they didn't have any 2006 models left. We got sucked in and test drove a 2007 model with all the options that we wanted. My wife loved it and we are now certain that it is the car for her.

Once we got back to the dealership the fun began. The salesman came back with a price that had the MSRP minus the $1,500 rebate plus delivery of $600 and doc prep of $200. He asked how that looked - obviously not good. They tried the "What payment are you looking for?" game. He then asked what I wanted to pay for the car. My response, "What is the best price that you can sell it to me for?" I told him he needed to take another $5k off. He left the table saying he had to talk to the manager. My wife said that he turned beat red when I told him he needed to take $5k off the price. (I guess she might be good at picking up tells at the poker table.)

It went back and forth and eventually he brought the next salesman up the ladder (his boss) over and with another $2k off plus the fees. The wouldn't budge any more than that - other than removing the $800 of fees from the equation. We eventually left while the guy was trying to get me to come into his office to do "whatever research you want to do on the internet."

I think I will roll the dice and see what happens after December 4th when the $1,500 rebate is up. I am guessing the incentives/rebates for the last month of the year will probably be better.

Car Shopping is Fun!!

7 responses to "Like Pulling Teeth"

  1. HaHa...we went through the whole, "it's not a minivan" situation when we bought out last car. We wanted a Pacifica but it was just a little out of our price range. The Mazda 5 was comparable to the Pacifica, but less cost so it ended up being our car of choice. We have been extremely happy so far...

    Good luck!


  2. nice vehicle. i like the Pacifica's. but, i'm not a mini-van kinda guy.

    i put off buying a new car for two years cuz i didn't want to deal with that shit. i finally walked into the Audi dealership, asked for a test drive, found the car i wanted and told them i wasn't paying more than $500 over invoice. they dicked around for a little while and finally caved after i insisted on seeing the dealer invoice.

    if you walk in with an attitude of "i don't give a fuck if you sell me this car or not", you can usually get close to what you want or at least piss off the whole sales crew. which is always enjoyable!


  3. Don't do it. Just continue to walk away. IT'S A MINI-VAN.

    With that said we bought an Infiniti FX-45 for the kids and while it is sporty and peppy its visability sucks and we wouldn't buy another one. The only car for the kids is the Mercedes G55 which is what we are getting next.


  4. ya, the G55 is nice.

    but, the Range Rover Sport? now that's one swinging dick, pimp ride.


  5. I've had a Pacifica for nearly three years now ... and I don't have the convenient excuse of a wife or kids. It's been great.

    I can't stand the car salesman B.S. either, so I basically used the Chrysler website to find localish dealers who had the vehicle I wanted and to find out what I should realistically expect to pay. Got quotes by email, bought from a dealership a couple hours away, had no problems.


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  7. Dude, look online for the price it costs the dealership and tell them you will give them 1 or 2% over that price. They will know that you are educated about their actual costs and will likely be willing to take some profit over nothing. That worked for me the last time I bought a car. It was a while ago, but they had the prices that the dealerships pay on Yahoo Cars or someting.