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I'm sure most of you have seen this, but I have been watching some of the High Stakes Poker clips on Youtube and this hand is just sick.

(plus I wanted to see if I could embed a clip)

5 responses to "I'm Speechless"

  1. i don't think i'll ever bitch about losing a buy-in at 3/6 again.


  2. I didn't watch it again; but what do you think of the call? Of course the Gus Hanson factor had everything to do with it; but yikes.

    Daniel seemed to make a few calls that were a little off; but on the other hand if you took some of the beats that he did.. again.. YIKES


  3. Tough call, but probably have to call there against Gus. It is a lot of money because of the stakes that they are playing, but if you put it into $2/$4NL or $5/$10NL terms it is a lot easier to say he has to make the call.

    I think it was $167k into a $400K+ pot. I don't see how he lays it down against a LAG player. If you were playing 5/10nl and had to call $1,670 into a $4,200 pot with that hand, you are probably making the call against a LAG player - although the C/R all-in is pretty freaking scary. Against a tight player, it is probably a reluctant laydown.

    Yuk - is all I can say.


  4. All this talk of laying it down sorta confuses me. He had a full house, and Hanson was WAY more likely to be pushing with a straight than anything else. The other possibility is perhaps 58 or something similar for 5s full, which is also behind Danny's 6s full. Maybe TT, but that's really slim as well. Seems like a definite call to me.


  5. I think the check raise on the river by Gus gives away just how strong his hand really is. Bet 75-85k (pot was 111k) on the river is a better play in my mind and still probably gets Dan to push him all in. Imagine Dan just calling that river and all the lost money that was left on the table

    It really looked like 99 or 88 to me based on how Gus played it. He wouldn't reraise all in there with a straight.