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My cable company doesn't have Fox SportsNet. (for some reason they have Fox World Sports). I haven't been able to watch any of the High Stakes Poker episodes.

Does anyone know if they have put out DVDs of any of the seasons yet? (I have searched and have been unable to find anything - so I'm guessing probably not.)

EDIT: From the comments, I guess HSP is on the Game Show Network. I'm still in the same boat since I don't have GSN. I'll follow up on some of the suggestions.

4 responses to "High Stake Poker DVDs?"

  1. i've downloaded a few from in the past.

    there's a monthly subscription fee tho.


  2. Catch up with me in girlie chat (SirFWALGMan) and I can hook you up with some *cough* stuff.

    I have seen some of the episodes on You-Tube.. as well as last night being able to pick it up on my cable "Local Access Channel" whatever the hell that means.. Man that Doyle guy plays a mean game of poker!


  3. Isn't High Stakes Poker on Game Show Network (GSN)?


  4. time for you to learn how to use bit torrent.... I like to watch the show on my psp on the way to work.