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I was a little tired last night and looking for a change of pace. I didn't think I would be playing my best but wanted to play a little, so I played the following (mostly 1 table at a time):

$24 MTT on FTP - I haven't been doing well in MTTs lately and wanted to try a few new things. I figured a $24 MTT was a good place to experiment. Everything was working well until I ran AQ into A2 and A2 caught 2 pair. 340 +/- out of 1,150 +/-.

1,800 FPP turbo 30 player MTT on Pokerstars (paid $215 to top 4) - My 77 was no match for 66 all-in preflop. A six on the flop and it was all over for me. It didn't even phase me since it was a freeroll.

I was feeling a little better and decided to play a turbo 9 player $220 SNG on FTP. I wanted to work on my SNG play a little since I will probably being playing some of the PCA double shootouts. The SNG was pretty entertaining because Jeff Madsen was at the table. One of the guys at the table was talking trash to him and he was jabbing back at the guy. I wish I would have saved the chat since it was pretty funny. Madsen told the guy he should be playing $10 SNGs instead of $200 - I was surprised that he appeared to be letting the guy get in his head. Like in all turbo SNGs, you have to win races late to win. I finished 3rd for a small profit when my 1010 lost to AQ.

It was still pretty early and I didn't feel like playing more than one table. I knew that I would be a little too impatient so I sat at a 2/4 NL 6 Max table and waiting for a player to join since FTP doesn't have any dedicated 2/4 NL Heads Up tables. It didn't take long for a guy to sit with $160. I think I busted him 4 or 5 hands later with a boat vs. a straight and he left. Another guy joined with $80 and went all in every hand. I called him the 3rd time with 99 and it held up against his AJ. Once the table filled, I left and went to a new table. It was strange, the 2nd player to join the table always seemed to buy-in for the minimum ($80) or the default ($160) and either played way too tight for heads up or way too loose for heads up.

About a year ago, I played a lot 6 max NL cash games on Pokerstars. I used to always start up tables and it seemed like they had the same trend over there - a player would join the table with either the min or default buy-in or buy-in for the remaining of their balance (ex - $103.80). They always seemed to either play too tight or too loose. This made it very easy to exploit them and get all their chips either quickly or slowly bleed them dry (not to mention how +EV situtations like this are).

I think I might start playing some more HU cash games against the short buy-ins when I am looking for a change of pace. It is pretty profitable and helps me stay off the auto-pilot mode I sometimes get into when 4 tabling cash games.

7 responses to "Jumping Around"

  1. your buddy, phil ivey's hanging around the 1k/2k game. give that one a whirl.


  2. Thats sounds good smokkee. I can lose my bankroll to him with top two pair (AJ) vs. his set of Jacks. He is too good; he shouldn't be allowed to get that lucky, also. :)


  3. I watched you for a while last night during your 2/4 game. I was in and out and didn't see any big hands.

    There seemed to be a lot of preflop limping. Is that normal? Of course, I haven't played NL in a while and of course not at that level.

    Just curious.

    You were over the buy in amount so that is a good thing.


  4. too bad he didn't have AQ that time.


  5. Will,

    The preflop limping is not normal, but there were a lot of short stacks that were really weak post-flop. I was limping a lot more than normal because they were paying off a lot of hands post flop. Depending on the table and my distractions (TV, having a conversation with my wife, etc) I am usually raising, C/R a lot more. With the short stacks a re-raise pretty much commits their whole stack. Last night, I had a short stack to my left that pretty much would re-raise a $14 preflop bet all-in for anywhere from $80-$150.


  6. I absolutely LOVE playing against shortstacks for the very reason you stated. They are either scared money, and therefore are too tight, or are desperate to double-up, and therefore are too loose. L O V E I T ! ! !


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