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I was browsing 2+2 today and came across a great thread that had me laughing like crazy. Like one poster said:

Behold, the worst play in the history of the WSOP ME

"I thought the thread could never live up to its title.


The first post (hand) is good but there are a couple of other classic hands:

First orbit, first level, day 2... 250/500/50

villain 1: hollow-faced guy w/ moustache and terrapins sweatshirt
villain 2: average young thirties guy w/ glasses and hat

villain 1 limps in EMP, villain 2 completes, BB checks

Flop: K Q 9

villain 2 checks, bb checks, villain 1 bets 1k into 1800

villain 2 checkraises to 3k instantly

bb folds

villain 1 thinks and reraises to 11k total

villain 2 thinks and announces a reraise allin. he has villain 1 covered.

villain 1 has to call 30k more

villain 1 tanks

and tanks



or this one for those of us that lick our chops when we see a juicy cash game:

5/10 at the rio, MP raises MP2 calls BTN calls, flop: KQJ 2 spades

MP bets, MP2 raises, BTN jams for 2kish (everyone about 2k deep) MP re-shoves MP2 tanks forever and folds AT face up and goes "i know the board is gonna pair or a spade is coming)

hands kept face-down

turn: pairs board


BTN shows boat, MP2 fist pumps and goes "I KNEW IT WAS COMING I KNEW IT, YES!!!"

i stare amazed at what happend while i see a older lady shaking her head saying "wow nice laydown, i couldnt have made that fold"

OMG, the WSOP ME is so +EV!!! Here is why: witnessed by a Stars' blogger:
(They are real)

Day 1A, just after the first break (blinds 100-200): Preflop action, a guy announces "raise" and bets 300. The dealer promptly says "Sir, it has to be 400" and the guy fires back "But I want to make it 300, I said 300, make it 300". Floor is called and rules "If you raise you should bet at least 2 BBs", guy keeps saying "I just want to make a 300 bet". Some of the other players at the table try to explain him the minimum raise is one big blind, it's impossible to raise just half of it...
... and now the punchline: After tons of arguments, the guy yells: "If a raise should be at least one big blind, why they didn't put that on the rules before the tournament had started?"

5 responses to "LOL at these hands"

  1. Pure gold.

    Mike Maloney

  2. 1st hand if villain shows JcTc do you want to make the call?

    As Omatard must point out it is sometimes correct to fold nuts on flop and in PLO that flop is an easy fold if you have no redraw.


  3. I just read a book that advises laying down the nut straight if you feel that you're opponent may have the same straight but is also free-rolling to the flush.

    I guess the JT donkey read the same book. Live poker players suck with very few exceptions. Brutal laydown...


  4. Like Bayne said, if that guy is a Omatard you would seriously take a double-take before shoving while calculating re-draws.

    As is, its still weak-sauce poker to fold the nuts like that in Hold Em' if you're not super deep stacked.


  5. Folding the nuts?! Wild.