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Since my last template was messed up in some versions of firefox, I've gone back to the basics. This is my new template (maybe temporary). I think that I probably need a new banner - one that matches the header and one that deletes Loopy (since he hasn't posted in 2 years).

I guess I may need to knock Mookie out of the next Mookie Tourney.

4 responses to "New Template"

  1. if you delete loopy i may have to create a "save loopy" shirt and start a campaign to keep him on the blog.

    without loopy, where would cmitch be right now. destitute that's where. never winning in poker, never making it to vegas and absolutely never posting.

    tell the are really loopy and you hacked up cmitch years ago in a mad blog conspiracy to use his blogroll and take advantage of his Page Rank.

    now i understand.


  2. Not a bad switch.

    I really need to gussy up my blog. And maybe post more often so that I feel more relevant and can maybe attract new reader.


  3. ... s. Plural.

    Ah, who I am kidding. ;)


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