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Am I the only one really, really wishing that I was in Las Vegas this past weekend for the WSOP Main Event? This year, I decided to head out to LV during the middle of the series instead of during the ME. I'm wishing that I waited until the Main Event - even if I wasn't going to play in the ME. Oh well, for now I'll just follow all the online coverage.

I am in the poker funk that I seem to fall into every year after the WSOP. Does this happen to anyone reading this? I get all jacked up about poker (both online and live) in the months leading up to the WSOP, head to the WSOP, and have a blast while in LV. A few days after getting home it starts to sink in that my WSOP is over. The motivation to play seems to fade. I find myself donking around in tourneys while watching TV instead of grinding out the cash games. Maybe, it is all the travel that I've done lately. Maybe, it is the long Holiday weekend.

For now, I'm going to catch up on some of the cardrunners vids and spend some much needed review of past cash game sessions. Hopefully, the poker motivation level will kick back into high gear. If not, maybe I'll start some sort of challenge to jump start things.

/End Rant


It appears that my template is still messed up for some people - my current browser included. Can anyone recommend any good poker blog template sites? WillWonka mentioned and I'll see if I can find some there, but I seem to remember running across a bunch of great template sites when I first started blogging.

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  1. This has some good ones:


  2. I don't understand your posts... which means the template must not be messed up on my view.

    Alan aka RecessRampage

  3. I, for one, am happy to not be in town for the ME. Of course, it would be better than nothing, but I had really had enough when I left. Give me a few weeks and I will want to be back in Vegas.

    Weak Player

  4. stop whining and just fix it dork. IM me and I will help.


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