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1. Play 20k hands and average 5.00 PT/100. - Only played 11k hands, but averaged over 5 PT/100.
2. Stay away from 5/10. - I am playing 5/10 regulary again - not sure what I was thinking with this one. :)
3. Win a seat to PCA - Leave in 3 days - Wooohooo!!
4. Selectively play 15-20 MTTs throughout the month - Cashed around $10k in tourneys this month (a win and a couple of close calls at FTP and at PS)
5. Get the whole car mess behind us. - They are still working on the car - probably mid Jan :(

Cash Games - I was running really bad at the beginning of the month, but managed to turn it around. I decided to limit myself to two tables only and it worked. I seem to have worse results when 4 tabling.

Jan. Goals/Yearly Goals - I am going to wait until after the PCA before setting any goals.

1 response to "December - Good Month"

  1. very nice month Mitch. GL in the PCA.