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Just back from break

Blinds 300/600 75 ante

39k in chips

Short stack all in for 4,800

Cutoff flat calls. I raise to 10k with QQ to see where I stand. I know this player will raise me with AA or KK here and will flat call me with AK. He flat calls. I am 85% sure he has AK.

Flop JJ5 - 2 hearts.

I shove all in. Cutoff insta-calls with AhKh. Heart on the river and I'm down to 8500.

One hand later. A guy with 9,500 shoves all-in. I have 99 and call. He turns over K10. 10 on the river and I am gone.

If I win the QQ hand, I am sitting on about 70k. I was sure he had AK - didn't want to see AhKh.

GG me.


Link on P5 Live.

3 responses to "39k to 0 in 2 hands"

  1. Argghhh..... GROSS!

    Shake it off and have fun in the Bahamas man!


  2. Sounds like my WSOP Main Event - rocking in chips then get AA and QQ cracked in back to back hands. Happened so fast it took hours to figure it out. There is alway next time.


  3. bahamas is rigged. go have an umbrella drink.