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It is finally here. We are leaving tomorrow (1/4) at 2:00 PM.

My start day is Day 1B (Saturday).

I will try to post updates or email Loopy and see if he can post updates. If interested, you may be able to find information about me under my name (Charles "Mitch" Mitchell), my screen name on pokerstars (sportingimag), or my P5s screen name and screen name on most sites (cmitch)

I have signed up for coverage on PocketFivesLive. I am sure they are going to be swamped covering over 125 players and I am not a ranked player, so I am not sure how much information on me you will be able to find there.

N82 has a press pass (thanks to Bluff) and is going to be taking pictures. If you want to see high quality pictures of the tourney and players check out his site - Click here.

Otis will be updating all of the action over at the Official Pokerstars Blog.

I am going into the tourney with no expectations. I am going to enjoy myself at Atlantis and in the tourney. I am going to try to maintain my "A" game the entire tourney and hope that things go my way.

Good luck to everyone that is in the tourney.

5 responses to "Bahamas - Here I come"

  1. Rip it.


  2. Mojo being sent.........NOW! Good luck.


  3. Kick some ass!

    Matt Silverthorn

  4. take it down Chas


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