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Good Luck Rizen (Eric Lynch)!! With 27 players remaining, Rizen is sitting on a below average stack of 1.8 Million. He is guaranteed at least $500k, but I know he is eyeing winning the whole things and he has the skills to do it.

I had the chance to meet him in Las Vegas and he seemed like he had a great attitude. He started on Day 1B (the same day as me) and we talked briefly at the end of the night. He had been up to 40k in chips before the dinner break and wound up finishing with 24k chips. I finished with 28k and told him that I was disappointed since I had been up to 33k chips at the first break after the dinner break. He definitely had the right attitude because he said, "I would like to have more chips, but if I had 12k in chips and doubled up to 24k at the end of the night I would be pretty happy - so I can't complain." He seemed like a easy going family guy and I am rooting for him.

Good Luck Rizen!! Take it down!!

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  1. ya, i'd like to see Rizen, Spirit Rock and Allen Cunningham at the final table along with Kevin Aaronson from Mission Viejo (OC kid REPRESENT!).