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I like the new FTP Lobby. The lag seems to be gone!!! yeah!!!!

The FTP "Biggest Bonus Ever" is a little ridiculous since the bonuses are smaller than the initial deposit bonus and the most people's mid year iron man bonus. Poor marketing imo. I'm not knocking FTP for giving us free money, but if you are going to market something as the "Biggest Ever!!" shouldn't it be at least bigger than the current initial deposit bonus?


Face the Ace - I think it is definitely geared more to the non-poker player or casual poker player. I hope it somehow catches on and improves. IMO, they need to get rid of the guy from the Sopranos. I saw a lot of negative reviews on the forums, but I think it was better than mediocre from an entertainment only pov. If by some fluke it takes off, it can only be good for the game.


Full Ring LHE - Last month when FTP's 5x Happy Hour started running, I fired up a couple of $5/$10 Full Ring Limit Holdem tables because you can earn points, clear bonuses, and rack up the RB really fast. After playing for a couple of weeks, it has become my new favorite game again. I know, I know. Some of you are saying WTF? Why would you play LHE? and if you are playing LHE, why would you play full ring? All I can say is that you would be surprised how poor some of the play is on the FTP FR LHE tables is. Just ask DrPauly. I've run into him at the tables a lot lately.

More LHE adventures in a future post........


How many more days until college football season starts??? Go Gators!!

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  1. I found Face the Ace to be incredibly painful. At least the second guy had some semblance of a personality.


  2. Face the Ace was excruciatingly painful; it made me want to gauge my eyes out and put my fingers in my ears. The only entertaining thing about the show was the gorgeous hostess whose job was just to stand around looking beautiful.



  3. I didn't see the show. I met a guy in Vegas who won a chance to be on the show. According to him, they fly you all the way out there, interview the group, and if you're lucky enough to be picked then you get to be on the show.
    And btw Mitch, I didn't think you were the type of guy that would slow roll someone:(


  4. I was also confused by the term Biggest Ever, but figured out the reasoning.

    Every single player who's ever earned a single point on FTP before July 28th gets a $100 bonus without a deposit. That's $100 times every single FTP real money player ever since they launched.

    Still confusing as all hell.