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I'm planning to head out tomorrow morning on a last minute trip aboard the Suncruz casino out of Port Canveral. Since there is very limited gambling in the state of FL (only $100 max buy-in poker), there are several gambling boats along the shores of FL that head 3 miles offshore to international waters and offer full gambling. I think Suncruz is the only one left in Port Canaveral.

There might be one big problem tomorrow - Bill, Hurricane Bill. Bill isn't supposed to hit FL but is going to be close enough to make the seas extremely rough. I'll cross my fingers that the boat goes out tomorrow.

I'm not sure what games they will have running on a daytime cruise during the week, but I'll report back on all the action.

1 response to "Gambiling in Hurricane Waters?"

  1. lol - good luck keeping your lunch down in 30 ft seas.

    I'm looking forward to the epic surfing (before and after it passes - nyc can't hold much past 10-12ft)

    I actually am interested in any fla reviews you want to give - I'm down there a bunch for family stuff. Good luck on the boat!