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....for (I think it was Phralad that said that - no need to practice avoidance though.)

Man, am I a slacker or what? I have been horrible when it comes to posting updates. There are times when I sit down to write a post and decide that I don't really have any poker content worth sharing. I could put up the random mindless posts (and have done that) but I prefer to put up something worth reading.

I'll blame it on work, which is a good thing.

I hope to start posting regularly again, but won't post just to post. (*warning - you might be subjected to limit holdem content)

2 responses to "Blogging is fun"

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  2. cmitch, nothing is time consuming and horrible, while writing on poker. All you have to need is biased and up to date information about latest poker techniques that are valuable for its readers and slacker!! i don't think you are a kind of person who shirks his work.