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I stumbled across FTP's $75 LHE mtt last night. I'm not sure if this is a regular tourney or just on Sunday nights, but it was fun (and a little frustrating since it was LHE after all.) When we got 3 handed I had 60k and the other two had around 85k. The limits were 3k/6k and about to go up to 4k/8k. I figured it was a crap shoot and I might as well lock in 2nd place cash.

I think that I made a decent deal, considering anything could have happened. What do you think?

Original payouts
1st - $1,678
2nd - $1,022
3rd - $734

Chop adjusted payouts
1st - $1,176
2nd - $1,170
3rd - $1088

5 responses to "Got a chance to use FTP's new MTT Chop Feature"

  1. I think that's a good deal. With the M's and the chipcounts you described, this was pretty much a race of whoever got the first big-hand-vs-another-big-hand situation first. 10% more than 2nd place money is I think a good place for you to end up.

    Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo

  2. you got more than 2nd place money, that's a megawin in my book.


  3. Win win win :-)


  4. beat: limit holdem


  5. you <3 limit. grats on the cash!