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I was able to get in a decent amount of hands since Wednesday in between a Friday night Christmas party (yeah, pretty early for a Xmas party), a trip to the Gainesville for the Gator's stomping of the Citadel (yeah, that's right they managed to beat the powerhouse), and completing a project over the weekend.

Goals (from 11/19 to 12/31) Check up

1. Play 30,000 Hands of LHE (mix of 6 max and Full Ring)
I put in 2,790 hands of LHE with a profit of $862.50. I was all over the place and bounced above and below the waffles (break even) mark for the first 2k hands. I then went on a huge heater followed by the chasers getting there. The graphs look pretty funny because it includes a mix of 5/10, 10/20, 15/30, and 30/60. I would prefer to play 10/20 and 15/30 Full Ring LHE, but the games don't run all the time. All the hands were on pokerstars since the 5/10 Full Ring LHE games rarely get started on FTP.

I think that I struggled with getting too complacent when multi-tabling and not paying enough attention to changes in how other players at the tables were playing against me or which players were tilting/spewing. I am going to try to pay more attention and will probably cut down from 4 to 2 (or 1) tables when I find myself not focusing enough.

Pokerstars FPPs (I'll probably devote a post just to the PS VIP system later)

I made 8,633 FPPs which is equivalent to an additional $138. I'm platinum star and haven't played enough on PS to make supernova this year.

I'm not sure how to calculate your MGR with Holdem Manager (anyone know how to get this number), but I think that I am getting a much higher RB % with pokerstars' VIP program than the 27% RB on FTP. According to a 2+2 article, the RB equivalent for 5/10 LHE full ring is 26.5% for platinum. That is the highest LHE game that they list and I'm sure it is dramatically higher for the bigger limits. I should be able to make Supernova next year, if I keep playing LHE on pokerstars. It is incredible how many VPPs you get per hand playing LHE.


Graph from 11/19/08 through 11/23/08

Graph on yesterday's craziness

2. Play my PCA step tickets until they are gone or I have a seat.
- I currently have one step 4 ticket and two step 2 tickets

I played both of the Step 2 tickets and busted out before the money in both. I'll spare you the bad beat stories.

I was pretty disappointed with my Step 4 game. I wound up finishing third (replay of Step 4) after a very long 3 way battle for the Step 5 tickets that included the short stacks winning almost every time they got in behind. I think I went out aipf with AT vs. KQ. :(

3. Make an attempt to play at least one PCA super sat.

I played two turbo sats to the Sunday Million and didn't cash in either. I don't think I can justify shelling out $650 for the PCA super sat, so I'll keep playing sub-sats and try to build up enough W$/T$.

4. Play at least 15 MTTs and maintain a positive ROI in them.

I haven't had the time to devote to playing any MTTs, but will probably get a few in this week.

So, after the break even first 2k hands, I wound up finishing with an OK start. Hopefully, I can go on a big heater this week playing against all the casual players that are off during Thanksgiving week.

GL at the tables!!

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