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I only got a chance to play two of the events and wasn't able to cash in either. I feel like I played pretty well in both though.

Event #1 $200 + $16 NL Hold 'em 6-Max - went out in the 1,800s out of 5,000+. My first 2 tables were really good and I was able to steadily chip up. Unfortunately, I was moved to a table shortly after the first break with the massive chip leader two to my left. He was calling and raising everything. He busted the guy directly to my left and another guy that was top 20 in chips was moved there. Weeeee!! Tough to pick your spots when you have around 12k chips, the guy to your left has 45k and the guy to his left has 70k. I wound up playing a big pot against the chip leader with my QQ against his KT. We got a lot of chips in on a T high flop, turn was a K and I was somehow able to slow down enough to not lose all of my chips on the hand. About 10 hands later I got all-in with a straight and flush draw against his top pair and didn't hit.

Event #5 $200 + $16 Limit Hold'em 6-Max - I felt like I was playing pretty damn good and had some guys at my table that had no clue how to play LHE, especially in the early levels of a tourney. Shortly after the first break, I got rivered twice in two huge pots within about 10 minutes. Both hands were almost identical. I flop a set, capped on flop, capped on turn, flush gets there on river, check/call, lose to guying chasing a flush. :( Not much you can do in a 6 max LHE tourney, excpect bet the heck out of your monsters.

I wasn't able to play any of the other FTOPS events over the weekend.

It doesn't look like I will be able to play the Mixed Event today, so the Wed night turbo is probably my next event.

GL to everyone playing.

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