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I am going to try to start blogging more regularly, but have been struggling with ideas. Setting goals and tracking them on the blog used to work (or at least until I abandoned the goals). With that in mind, I picked a few short term goals for now until the end of the year and I will track them on the blog.

Goals (from 11/19/08 through 12/31/08)

1. Play 30,000 Hands of LHE (mix of 6 max and Full Ring)

2. Play my PCA step tickets until they are gone or I have a seat.
- I currently have one step 4 ticket and two step 2 tickets

3. Make an attempt to play at least one PCA super sat.
- There aren't many good sub-sats, so I may have to try to build up enough T$

4. Play at least 15 MTTs and maintain a positive ROI in them.

I'll update the status regularly and post graphs and interesting hands. Hopefully, this will motivate me to play and post more.

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