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Welcome to the inaugural posting of the Opoker blog.

I suppose the purpose of this blog is for me to discuss... well, more like COMPLAIN about poker. Woohoo... ANOTHER poker blog! Just what we all need :)

Without any further suspense:

Went to the Hard Rock in Tampa yesterday to play in the Weds. $85+15 am tourney. As what seems to be the case there more often than not, I wasn't able to get much going early on when you have to build a stack. I won a few hands pushing over the top of 3 or 4 early limpers to take down marginal pots, but otherwise it was sitting and waiting as the blinds creeped up to desparation short stack "all-in" levels. Poker Dan and the other Paul from UPC were there as well. Dan and I were at the same table and he chipped up by flopping a set with JJ in the hole twice. He was out soon after I was though... didn't see what happened.

They have weekly $200+40's and a monthly $500+50 (with 30 min. levels I believe). That would be a much more workable structure at the No Fold 'em gala known as the Tampa Seminole Hard Rock.


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