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I played a ton of WCOOP sats between 8:00 pm and now tonight. I didn't win any W$ and only have a little bit of real dollars (for bubbling) to show for it. I finished on the bubble in one of the tourneys for W$1k when my nut flush lost to river full house - I win that hand and I am a sure thing for the W$1k. I, also, lost a lot of chips when a donkey who was raising every hand called my all-in over the top of him with his K9o vs my AKs - 9 on the flop and thats all she wrote.

I got knocked out of one tourney late in the SB, guy to my right is raising every time he is on the button. I have about 10k in chips with 600/1200 blinds and button raises to 3,600. I look down at 1010 and go all in, I have him covered by about 2k in chips. The BB immediately goes all in and the button immediately calls. BB - AQo, Button - A9o, me -1010. Flop has one of the remaining two aces, turn is a 9, river a blank and I'M OUT!!!

The last W$ tourney that I played tonight was the $33 rebuy to main event. It paid 3 W$2,500 seats and 4-16 got $165. I was about 18th in chips with 22 left and the blinds were getting ridiculous. I had 9,600 in chips in BB with 600/1200 blinds and the button raises to 3,600. I go all in with A10s and he calls leaving himself only 3k in chips with A8o - 8 comes on the flop.

Glass half full side of me says - I still have a respectable amount of W$ for having such a horrendous night and I did turn some of the W$ into real $$. So i got my chips in with the best hands almost every time and made some great reads, but have very little to show for it, but........................ .that's pooooooooker!!!!

W$ update - W$437 plus $227 cash from bubbling.

2 responses to "BAD BEAT City Tonight!!"

  1. I'm guessing that means you were able to squirm out of bowling last night :)


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