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I had an interesting night last night while I was attempting to play the $109 $20k Guarantee Tourney on Pokershare (Ultimatebet) - paying 20 places. I was sitting at 1st in chips for most of the tourney. When we got down to about 30 players I was 3rd in chips. Then all hell broke loose. My 3 year old daughter started crying (a little before midnight). I sat out and went in to check on her and calm her down - she had rolled over in her sleep and hit her hand on the wall. I get back and we are down to 26 players and I'm now around 13th in chips. I settle in ready to pick my spots and score a few chips and get back to 6th in chips with 24 remaining. Next thing I know our newborn son, Charlie, starts crying. It is my turn to feed him while my wife is getting a little sleep. No problem, I sit out again and the tourney is about to go on break. After the break I am trying to feed Charlie and click the mouse - a little hard with a baby in one hand and a bottle in the other hand. When we got down to 21 players and were hand for hand - Charlie let out a massage poop that went all over my shirt and his clothes. I had to sit out again and clean him and myself up. I come back and we are down to 20 and I am 17th in chips. I don't get any hands and wind up finishing 12th. I can't help but think that if I hadn't had such a crazy night that I would have done a lot better.

I am not complaining, I just thought that I would share same of the joys of having children.

cmitch (playing as cmitch1 on pokershare)

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  1. My online poker buddies are always giving me a hard time about playing while burping the baby or having to clean up baby spit-up from my laptop screen. Sometimes being a poker playing parent can be a bear, but we gotta take the good with the bad.

    The fact that we as Dads can even play poker with everything going on amazes me. Stick with it. Nice blog...

    (5yr old son and 6 month old daughter)