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It was a small field, but it had a very nice overlay.

I was scanning the tourneys on pokerstars and saw that the $109 HORSE tourney with a $5k guarantee only had 25 people registered and was about to start. I decided to give it a shot and wound up winning the thing 3 1/2 hours later.

It was $2,250 for 1st thanks to the $1,800 overlay. Weeeeee!!!!

I wound up winning it heads up because my opponent didn't seem comfortable with heads up LHE. He was using his entire time bank on every street eagerly hoping the O8 round would get there. All the while I was eating away at his stack and finished him off in the 2nd hand of O8.

(my sn on ps is sportingimag)

7 responses to "Won a Tourney"

  1. Congrats!


  2. Opportunity knocks. Well done.


  3. ship it. nice pull.


  4. vn payout for that size field.


  5. yay! nice job!


  6. You play horse?

    GG sir.

    nice overlay too!


  7. Boooooooooommm!

    Very nice! Congrats!

    Instant Tragedy