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I posted some goals for Nov 19 - Dec 31 on Nov 19th. It mostly focused around limit holdem. I was feeling good about the game and after a really good run (around $1.60/hand over 10k+ hands), I felt like it was the game for me. Now, I'm not so sure. Maybe, it is just running bad (with a little bit of tilt mixed back in). I'm not sure. I'm still up at LHE but have given back around 2/3rds of what I won. It isn't fun and I'm thinking that I was just running extremely well at the beginning. The downswings in limit can be brutal, depsite the fact that it is LIMIT.

The good news is I turned a lot of my pokerstars FPPs into cash and am on the positive side of the MTTs.

So, I'm giving up the goals I set. I'm not really sure why I ever set number of hands type goals. I think it forces me to play when I normally wouldn't.

I'm not off track, but feel like I need to get back on track. (Not sure if that makes sense, but I am always hard on myself when I feel like I am playing below my capabilities.) I have taken quite a big break from NLHE and I think I am missing it. I'll probably screw around with some tourneys and cash games over the next few days before deciding where to focus next.


3 responses to "Goal Gone"

  1. Limit holdem can be excruciating. I've found that when I am running good at the game I feel like a God and I can't be beaten, and when I am running bad at the game I feel like it's impossible to win. It's quite a momentum and rush game.


  2. I agree, it can be a brutal when you go on a down swing but so great when you're up.

    I just wanted to say Go Gators!


  3. The downswings in limit seem especially brutal, moreso than NL. There are way more suckouts in limit.