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It looks like pokerstars is in beta testing with a pin number (input by clicking on numbers with the mouse) and a RSA security token (a USB key that has to be attached to your computer to play). Pretty Awesome!!!

This is great news and should dramatically reduce the amount of hacking. Hopefully, FTP will follow suit or is currently working on similar security.

It looks like you will have the option of using the pin or the rsa token, so it probably won't cause a wait for new or casual users.

One of the beta testers has posted his initial thoughts in a 2+2 thread (link to thread).

Quote from the thread:

"FWIW I first thought the PIN would be useless. Then when I tried it and realized the numbers are in a different order each time, I changed my mind... this is total protection from keyloggers as long as your email password is secure (and you don't type it... I realize some people do, such as those who use webmail accounts rather than pop3).

Anyone that can get at your email can still get your PIN no problem if they have your password. But as long as your email password is different from your pokerstars password, this does protect you from all kinda of Phishing... plus if you use the same password for Stars as you do for something else and that password database is poorly protected or just a straight-out scam, this would save you.

I know a few people who went to 'poker forums' linked to via AIM chat with hackers... they then promptly created accounts, with the same username/password they use for stars, giving the hacker their login info. This would stop that, as well as a few other things.

I'm going to be a RSA Token user myself, but we'll have to wait a bit longer for that."

2 responses to "Pokerstars stepping up log in security"

  1. I can imagine a whole new generation of prop bets based on the token's ever-changing numbers...


  2. Using AVG protection for a number of years now, and I recommend this solution to everybody.