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I am busy, busy, busy at work right now. I haven't had time to play much poker lately - only during the occassional break from work. Hopefully, I will slow down a little mid-week next week.

So, here are a couple of links:

Tuff Fish PocketFives Podcast
Tuff Fish was interveiwed this week for the podcast; I haven't listened to it yet, but it shoud be entertaining.
- Link to Podcast - should get you to the podcast; I have it linked on my Itunes
- Link to P5s Article about Tuff Fish

$200K in 60 Days Challenge

Fukkeneh on 2+2 has outlined a challenge to turn $1k into $200k in 60 days playing 6 max NL cash games part time. He plans to move up levels as he reaches approximately 10 buyins for the next level and drop down if he goes below a certain number of buy-ins (don't remember how many).
- Link to one of the 2+2 threads
- Link to his Blog with daily updates

1 response to "Tuff Fish - Up Close and Personal"

  1. 200k in 60 days boy went busto in a week. he didn't move down to lower levels like he should have. very disappointing.