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I just saw this video on Isaac Haxton, 2nd place finisher at the PCA, has $800k frozen in transit thanks to the government's case against Neteller. CRAZY!!! is all I can say.

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2 responses to "$800k Locked up at Neteller"

  1. SICK !


  2. i believe the problem is neteller just doesn't have our money to pay us when we request our $. Neteller is like the banks that went under in the great depression, they spend and invested our monies thinking everyone wouldn't want their monies at the same time. Since their biggest customers were the us gambling market, and the gov. restricted neteller to do business with u.s. customers everyone did want thieir money at once. now neteller can't pay us. I don't know if we will ever get our money back since the business is run from some little pissass island with no real law to get our money. I know neteller is traded on the london stock exchange, but i believe the stock is worthless now with no money to pay their customers back. All is can say don't set up any accounts or send money through neteller unless you are making a donation! I have been waiting for 2 months to get my money.