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I am posting this 7 hours before "Bluff is bringing you the coolest thing ever!" is announced.

While I am pretty certain that it won't be the coolest thing ever, I am hoping for at least something different or interesting. After all, we all need some positive distractions from all the mess that is going on in the world of online poker.

I really don't have any guessing on what this "cool thing" is going to be, so I won't attempt to guess - free balloons maybe. (If they were able to shape them into balloon animals that would be pretty cool.)

**EDIT: The clock said 7 hours this morning and now they have added another week (7 days) to the countdown. I guess I will check back next week. (Bait and Switch?) :)

3 responses to "Bluff's Coolest Thing Ever - Gonna be cool or just a gimmick?"

  1. What do you bet the Coolest Thing Ever is simply an announcment of Youteller details. Snore.

    The coolest thing ever would be that Bluff Magazine is giving every current manazine subscriber a free seat at the 2007 WSOP - now that would be cool!


  2. my super secret source told me, everyone's getting their name tattoed on Shannon Elizabeth's ass.


  3. I am 99.99978% sure the cool thing is the "thepokerdb"

    they purchased the DB from N 82 (nate)

    and right after he annouced the purchase on his website. they had that website up. so thats pretty much it. what do i win?

    Do i win "tutilage" from you in NL cash games? i hope so, i want to be a protege. :D