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I'm keeping the goals short and sweet this year.

1.  Play 600,000 cash game hands.  I've been playing only full ring rush NLHE, so this shouldn't be that difficult even if I'm traveling a lot.

2.  Cash in a WSOP tourney (assuming I play one this year).  I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it to the WSOP this year because of work/family events in June.  If I do, I plan to play at least 1 tourney (maybe 2) and the first goal will be to cash.  The second goal will be, of course to make a deep run.

3.  Lose 35 lbs by WSOP.  The first 20 lbs should be pretty easy.  The last 15 will be the difficult part.  I don't plan to do anything drastic at first.  The only real changes I'll make is exercise more and eat healthier.

I'll try to update the status of my goals once a month.

Happy New Year!!!  Good Luck in life and poker in 2011!!!

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  1. Good goals, keep us posted.

    Memphis MOJO