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I know it's been a while, but I thought I would drop in to wish everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!  My traveling is starting to slow a little so I may find time to start posting again.

Tampa Hard Rock/Live Poker

The Tampa Hard Rock just opened a new poker room, so I will definitely being checking it out one day next week.  It will be a rare treat to play some live poker.  I haven't played near as much live as I had hoped.  Once they changed the limits from $100 cap buy-in to real uncapped games, I assumed that I would be playing a minimum of twice/month.  That hasn't happened because of all my traveling for work.  I don't want to spend any of my little time while I'm home away from the family, so poker takes a back seat.  The kids will be at my Mom's house for a couple of days next week, so it will be the perfect opportunity to check out the new digs at Hard Rock.

I may be bored to death playing live cash games after not playing anything other than four tables of NL FR Rush Poker.  There might be a little difference in playable hands when you are seeing 25 hands/hr vs. 1,100+ hands/hr.  I guess I'll find out next week.

Twitter vs. Blogs

Yin and Yang.  As Twitter has taken off with poker bloggers, the quantity of blog posts seems to have dropped significantly.  It only seems logical.  If you can follow someone's journey through a tourney in real time on twitter, why would you need/want to read their recap of it on their blog 3 days later.  If you feel like reliving their tourney then you can just follow their twitter stream (or whatever the term is).

You can follow me on twitter at @seemitch.

Million Dollar idea for free* - Twitter---->Blog.  Invent a tool that allows people to utilize a stream of tweets for a blog post or blog post template without having to cut/paste each one.  Imagine how easy it would be to recap a tourney or a trip to a casino to play cash games if you could just take your twitter stream and add a few details that you couldn't fit into 140 characters.  It would definitely cause me to start posting more.

(Hanukkah is over already I think)

*Million Dollar idea may be an overstatement unless you could somehow figure out how to get people to buy it as an app.  (That Steve Jobs guy is pretty smart or whoever works for him that came up with the pay per app concept.)

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  1. Doesn't it already exist? Aposec is using Twitter Tools, but it seems to be wordpress only.
    Pretty sure a quick app search would find something...?

    HNY btw. Good luck with the rush thing, was the bane of my existence, but others seem to do pretty well at it...