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No detail for now, just random thoughts....

I met a lot of great people that I hadn't met before and ran into some awesome people that I had met before.  There are a lot of people that I wanted to run into but didn't get a chance to for one reason or another.  Sleep, tourneys, alcohol, laziness got in the way - take your pick.

In a $1.5k WSOP event folding to cash is OK, not OK, OK, not OK, OK (I have no idea), especially when you know you are flipping right b4 the cash.

EST is not Eastern Standard Time.  It is "American time" - via RealDawnSummers

If you agree to flip for $200/hand for x (5 I think) hands while really drunk and finish up $800, it is OK to stop flipping no matter how much the other guy keeps asking you too.  That is what I did, until he starting offering me his $350 to my $300 in omaha flips. (more later on this)

It probably isn't a good idea to stay up all night and watch the USA soccer game if you started drinking at 5 pm.  I think I fell asleep for a few at the bar somewhere between 2-0 and 2-1.  Credit Vinnay for waking me up a couple of times in the 2nd half.

It gets light outside really, really early in LV.

I play much better in tourneys while drinking and much worse in cash games while drinking.  Hmmm......

It is probably a good idea to set an alarm to remind yourself to eat dinner.  I think there were a couple of days that I only ate one meal unless 15 beers counts as a meal.

Don't order a burger if the waitress tells you, "Are you sure that you want to order that.  It is extremely spicy and there are no refunds."  Also, always read the read print under the burger that mentions the beef is mixed with the hottest peppers in the world.

It is OK to call someone a "jack ass" if they call the clock on you in a cash game when they aren't in the hand.  (more on this later)

OBFV and over shoving for value on the flop works really live if you just shoved on a short stack with AK on an all rag flop after the short stack called 2/3rds of this stack pf.  They must always think you have AK instead of top set.

Almost forgot - if you are having dinner at the bar, it is prob a good idea to put a few dollars in the vid p0ker machine.

Much more to come.........

8 responses to "WSOP Trip Report Part 1 of ? - Ramblings"

  1. great to se you again. I should prob to a wsop trip report myself, though not likely.


  2. Nice first report -- Sounds like you had fun!

    Memphis MOJO

  3. Enjoyed the first report and looking forward to seeing an update soon. Would love to be there myself - maybe next year. Enjoy the sleep, tourneys, alcohol and laziness!


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