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I was going to write a long detailed post about Rush Poker, but I think every blogger/poker website has already written almost everything that you could say on the subject (click one of the links on the side if you wan to read a more about Rush).  I still want to mention a few things about it though.

1.  As others have posted it is the crack of online poker! - I four tabled for 4 straight hours yesterday and averaged 1,140 hands/hour.  I don't remember playing for four straight hours with no breaks anytime recently.

2.  If you tilt easily don't play - Since you see so many hands/hour, you will see more bad beats in a day than you might usually see in a week or two.  If bad beats cause you to tilt then Rush Poker is definitely not for you.  Spewing after a couple of bad beats could cripple a bankroll when you are playing 1k hands/hour.

3.  Breakeven stretches and Downswings don't last long - I had a 15k breakeven stretch that might have been frustrating in the past, but isn't a big deal now because it was over the course of 4 days.

4.  Rakeback - At 50NL full ring, my rakeback is averaging $9.21/1k hands after close to 40k hands.

5.  HUDs are coming - HEM has a crude limited HUD work around that writes to your notes file.  It is helpful in some spots but a little frustrating when you are used to the extended HUD stats.  I'm guessing that within the next week or so, both HEM and PT3 will have fully functional HUDs.

6.  Nits are everywhere - As the rush games get tighter and tighter a HUD will almost become a necessity in order to maximize profits against the nits.  The good players will be able to bet the nitty guys off their overpairs and know which players to fold their over pairs to when they see that big turn check/raise.

7.  Adjusting your play based on your stack - This might not make sense, but when I have a huge stack (400bb+ or more) I get played back at a ton more.  I have also noticed some players are more willing to call an over shove with  mediocre holdings against someone with a lot of chips.  I'm not sure the exact mentality of some of these guys, but I'm guessing that they think you bluffed your way to a lot of chips.

Must. Go Play. Rush. NOW!!!

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  1. I tend to be a lot looser to huge stacks in Omaha and to a certain degree in Holdem because in my mind you have to be either really aggressive or sort of a donkey to amass such a huge stack. You have to take chances. This is not always true but it's far more true than it isn't true.


  2. You are a sick man ... : o )


  3. It's been fun watching you zoom by. We've play a ton of hands together.


  4. Good post.

    Verification word: ballsf

    (what's the f doing on the end?)

    Memphis MOJO

  5. Your second point is the one pertinent to me.

    I do, i did, and i should never play that game again (but probably will).


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