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One of the better players at the Final Table won (even if he did have to suckout a ton to win)

Bax/Sheets run good.

The people that take the Luck side of the Luck vs. Skill argument where given some ammunition.

ESPN did a great job of editing the FT in such a short time.
- I'm glad they added an additional 30 mins to the coverage for the heads up portion.

- My biggest complaint of their coverage is how quick they rushed things after Ivey busted out. At 10:50, there were 4 players remaining. By 11:00, they showed two bust outs and two commercial breaks.

- I really wish ESPN would sell a DVD set of the entire Final Table with whole cards. They could dub the Bluff Radio coverage over the top of the footage that doesn't have Norm/Lon commentary.

Next time you see one of those posts where someone is complaining about online poker being rigged because their opponent flopped a set against them or hit a 3-5 outer on the river, remember some of these hands. Live poker is so rigged.

Saout must have been playing really tight and staying out of Ivey's way for Ivey to let go of those Jacks preflop when he was so short.

How long is Kevin Schaffel going to be having nightmares of his AA losing to KK?

How do you get all in preflop as the biggest stack against the 2nd biggest stack with AQ?

How do you get all in preflop with 22 against a very solid player for 40BBs?

Every time I started feeling like Darvin Moon was a decent player trying (a little too hard) to portray the "I'm the worst player here image," he would do something really stupid.

- I can understand his logic for trying to bluff people out of pots, but I don't understand his thinking with KQ. I also don't understand why he lied to his family about what he had (QQ instead of KQ). Maybe he was too embarrassed? I did enjoy his reasoning for why he would have folded QQ there getting 1,000,000,000 to 1 pot odds to call.

- The not calling with KQ will probably be talked about for a while, but I think his QJ hand was a bigger mistake. How does he call off his entire stack heads up with QJo? He still would have had plenty of chips if he folded. I know that once the hands were turned up it was the correct call, but he couldn't have known that he was against an underpair.

I think non-poker players probably enjoyed the coverage. I played in golf tourney on Monday. A couple of non-poker players started talking about the WSOP ME. One guy immediately said, "Don't tell me who won. I'm going to watch tomorrow night and I don't want to know who won." He doesn't gamble or play poker, so I was a little surprised how into the WSOP he was.

Goodbye, 2009 WSOP. Time to start planning for the 2010 WSOP. I have the itch to play in the 2010 Main Event now.

8 responses to "Random WSOP ME Thoughts"

  1. The Ivey fold w JJ was definitely tight, but 1) he was UTG, 2) Saout had been quiet for a while after showing down that J2o to double up through Moon, 3) This was the last hand before a break. I don't know for sure, but often players play pretty tight in the last hand before a break. I doubt this would affect Ivey, but he might have thought that it would affect Saout, and his re-raising range would be really strong. It's definitely a very tight fold though.



  2. I think Ivey took the wrong appraoch in playing KK ont he very first hand shown on TV. If I was him smooth calling or raising smaller would of have been the right play. I think Cada squeezes with Tens. Of course 20 20 hindsight is an easy way to play poker. But Ivey slow playing gives him the biggest edge in my opinion. No one wanted to double him up and he played right into that by jamming with KK.


  3. I don't see why ESPN doesn't offer the PPV along with the edited version. They could make a ton of money doing that.

    I agree with Alex's take on the JJ hand. I don't why he'd shove with a monster like KK into Schulman who was playing pretty tight. Cada definitely would've shoved behind IMO. He painfully folded his TT.

    Lastly Moon's final hand was QdJd...sOOOted FTW baby, uh maybe next time.


  4. All the air left the room once Ivey was knocked out. Fitting though that the guy who knocked him out won.

    Big D

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  7. I agree... it almost felt disrespectful to the other players, how they rushed things after Phil Ivey's elimination


  8. suppose Moon did have QQ in that hand. Does he ever fold there?