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I am getting one small benefit of the poor economy - severely discounted vacations. As recent as a year ago, the only offers that I ever received from Harrahs were for free nights in Las Vegas during the week and reduced/free nights during the WSOP. I guess Harrahs started getting desperate to fill up their hotels around the country, because I started receiving weekly (sometimes 6-8 per month) free/reduced air/hotel offers to various Harrahs properties around the country. A couple of months ago, my wife and I decided to book one of their offers to New Orleans. Airfare for me and my wife, transfers to/from Harrahs New Orleans, and four nights (Thurs-Sun) all for $198 total.

We don't head out until later in the month, but I am starting to try to figure out the best places to eat, drink, play poker, etc, etc. We haven't been to NO in 9-10 years.

Hopefully, some of you have been there more recently.

Where is the best place to play poker? Harrahs? Are there even any other places?

Do they run any daily/weekly mtts?

What limits usually run?

Any suggestions on bars/restaurants/things to do?

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  1. Hey I did a rotation down in NOLA for 3 months so I know the place pretty well. I would recommend station in the business district. Poker wise def harrahs that about the only big one down there. And no there aren't any other places. The highest limit they ran was 2/5 sometimes 5/10 but not usually. Restaurants def try Emril's though its expensive, Ralph's on the corner n my favorite of all time Jacaqmos. Jacaqmos has no reservations but the place is packed but phenomenal i guarantee it. If you got any other questions email me at


  2. Try 2+2


  3. What a strange coincidence. I'll be in N.O. from Nov. 18 through the weekend. Are you going to be down there at the same time?


  4. Harrah's is the only place you can play (unless you want to travel east to Biloxi). They have 25 or 30 tables and the place is hopping. I don't know what limits they have (I played $1/2 or $1/3 NL), but I saw a guy cash out for around $10 grand, so they must have some decent-sized games (instead of counting his Benjamins, they ran it through a machine). I don't know about tournaments. Have fun.

    Memphis MOJO

  5. Go into Quarter late at night and wager on what sex the stripper really is.


  6. Never been but would love to go. It's on my list.


  7. howd it go in the nolia?

    htown Joe