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Poker After Dark Cash Game

A few random thoughts from the PAD Nets vs. Vets Cash Game....

I always thought David "Raptor" Benefield was good, but this episode confirmed that he more than just a very good player. He was probably playing than anyone at the table on the day of the taping IMO. I'm definitely going to go back and watch everyone of his CR vids back to back from the first to the last.

Raptor's trip 6s lay down - How many people would lay that down? It looks bad because he had the best hand, but based on his thought process of the way Doyle played the hand it was close. Like he said, the only hand he beats that Doyle would make that raise with is KJ. Doyle's earlier bluffs had been huge pot to larger than pot size bets and this bet seemed like a value bet. Doyle thought he had the best hand too, so it probably made him seem all the stronger.

Doyle - Seems to play pretty tight until he gets impatient or a feel for the table. I'm not sure which. Maybe, it's both.

Gabe - Ummm, not sure what to say here. He seemed like he was trying to compete with Jamie Gold for the title of "Best Bluffer." The were several hands where his lines didn't make sense and that is why he was looked up.

Taylor "green plastic" Caby - Card Dead and probably looked like he isn't as good as he is to people that don't play. Anyone that plays poker realizes he never got a hand and often made the good fold of the 2nd best hand.


Al has put up the schedule and I can't wait.

From his blog:
"It takes a little longer these days to get things set up with all the crazy stuff going on. But we will be kicking the challenge off on Sunday, March 1st and running through Sunday, May 31st.

Full Tilt has given us 7 seats to the 2009 World Series of Poker. 2 Main Event seats and 5 prelim seats. We'll have other prizes announced shortly but that should be enough to whet your appetite."

I'm glad he added the $26 Monday tourney to take the place of the MATH that Hoy stopped running a while ago. I won't ever get a chance to play the Sunday Brit Game, so I'm not sure how that will effect the monthly standing.

Tournament: Brit Blogger Game
When: Sunday's at 16:00ET
Game: NLHE
Buyin: $5+.50
Password: donkament

Tournament: PPI / Riverchasers Tournament
When: Monday's at 22:00ET
Game: Deepstack NLHE
Buyin: $24+2 or token
Password: riverchasers

Tournament: Blogger Skillz Game
When: Tuesday's at 21:30ET
Game: rotation of non-NLHE games
Buyin: $10+1
Password: skillz

Tournament: The Mookie
When: Wednesday's at 22:00ET
Game: Deepstack NLHE
Buyin: $10+1
Password: vegas1

Durrrr Challenge

I haven't started following it very close yet, but he is currently playing the first challenger Patrik Antonious. I think they are about 3k hands into the 50k hands of the challenge.

Nat Arem has put up a new site to track the challenge and that and 2+2 NVG is probably where I'm going to get all my info on the challenge.

You can check out his website for details of the challenge and where they currently stand at

Live Poker

It looks like I'll probably get to play a live tourney for the first time in a long while next weekend. We have a baby sitter on Saturday and my wife and her friends have decided to go to a friend of her's wedding with just the girls. I'll take the oppurtunity to head over to the Tampa Hard Rock. The only tourney they have running on Sat. is a $100 tourney, so I'll probably play that followed by some $100 max buy-in cash games.


I can't wait for the WSOP now that the schedule is out - Schedule

I'm not sure which events I will make it out there for, but I'm 75% sure I'll make it out there again this year. Hmmm, maybe the BBT4 will lead me there.

I don't think that I would play the WSOP rebuy events, but I think it's crap that they got rid of them.

I'm guessing that there will be an overall (meaning # of entrants in like event last year) decline in the entrants to each event year. I think that there are more events than last year, so I'm sure Harrah's will spin it as overall more entrants. I mean Joe Smith from the midwest that is worried about losing his job isn't about to head to LV to spend even just a couple grand playing in WSOP events. On top of that Joe Smith's wife will probably have a harder time than ever with him going to LV. I really really hope I'm wrong, but I don't think I will be.

This Blog

I have really let my posting drop off over the last 6 months+. Hopefully, this random thoughts post will be a spring board towards more posting. :)

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