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Sometimes I go on auto-pilot (multi-tabling while watching TV, etc) amd I forget one of the most basic things in poker that I should be asking myself every time I play:

What am I hoping to accomplish with my bet/call/fold in this particular hand? What do I think will be the results of my action? What is my plan if the results are different than I expect?

Sounds simple enough, but it seems that I sometimes forget to ask myself those basic questions before I act. I could go into further detail, but it varies so much depending on the situation. The important thing is to have a plan for each hand with a detailed reasoning that makes sense.

2 responses to "Remembering to have a plan"

  1. +1000


  2. Your comments are right on and I find that is when you start just clicking the bet pot button to reraise instead of taking some time to think.

    I think of it as boredom/distraction tilt.