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I was rooting for her while she was still alive in the Main Event. I followed all the online WSOP coverage and thought it would be great if she made the final table. The drama surrounding her Pokernews and UB relationships was a little crazy, but I was still hoping she would make the final table because it would be good for poker. The online coverage and her interviews made her sound a little full of herself. I heard an interview back then where she was saying something along the lines of how she was finally able to show the world how good she is at poker. People are funny.

She started to get a little annoying during some of the late online WSOP coverage and not just because it seemed like so much coverage was revolving around her. The annoyance was stemming from her "I'm so great attitude." It has to be tough to have such a big spotlight on you. I'm not sure how I would handle it, especially in my 20s in the midst of a big endorsement tug-o-war.

The ESPN WSOP coverage didn't do anything to help her case. She came off as arrogant and cocky. I understand rooting for the other remaining women players to bust, but maybe she shouldn't have been so publicly excited about the others busting. I don't remember all of the details but she had a few Hellmuth-esque rants about how the hell can other players play certain hands. It is obnoxious when it comes out of Hellmuth's mouth and equally obnoxious from her. I laughed when everyone at her table was giving her a hard time about eating french fries at the table. It was not a big deal. I've seen much worse things eaten or done at the table. They had clearly had enough of the Tiffany Michelle show and were poking fun at her.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't like she came off like Scotty Nguyen at the WSOP HORSE final table. She is young and was caught up in all the attention. I was rooting for her to make the final table, but I'm glad she didn't after seeing all of the coverage. Maybe the ESPN coverage will help add a little humility to her poker game.

***EDIT: One of my biggest, biggest pet peeves at the poker table is someone calling the clock, especially if they're not even in the hand. My DVR cut off part of one of the episodes, so I missed this exchange below. Seriously, how does she call the clock here when she is not even in the hand.

7 responses to "Tiffany Michelle"

  1. Not to mention, she came off looking like a comepletely clueless luckbox too.


  2. My wife was going off about her calling for the timer when she wasn't in the hand. And after that wife was rooting for her to bust.


  3. even tho she didn't make the final table she really could of turned what she did into a decent sponsorship deal.

    she totally effed that up not only by siding with UB but her image on TV is totally hosed. not sure why players feel they need to act like arrogant idiots on tv to get noticed.


  4. I couldn't agree more with your post Mitch.

    well said.


  5. i hadn't seen this, thanks for posting. i decided i didn't like her when i was following pokernews coverage and she won some hand by limping A rag in ep and hitting 2p.


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